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Our mission is to provide reliable and clear information about depression, antidepressants and treatments that are clinically tested to be effective and safe.

We are a professional and knowledgeable team enthusiastically committed to helping people recover from depression and improve the quality of their lives. In the team we have a medical doctor who is also a qualified naturopath with a broad experience in both conventional and natural medicine. We believe that combining the best ideas and practices of natural and conventional medicines is for the greatest benefit of our visitors.

This site guides you through complex information about depression and the maze of supplements and both natural and conventional depression treatments.

Depression can be a devastating disease, and if we can reduce its burden we have reached our goal.

Disclaimer: This web site provides you with general information for informational purposes only but it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of depression and any other health problem or disease by your medical doctor or qualified healthcare professional. It is always necessary to consult your doctor.

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